Between the enchanting rockpools, the child-friendly water fountain with its time-delayed surprise spurts of water, the oceanfront saltwater swimming pool, and the gentle beach break with protected swimming areas, a Kings Beach holiday is totally exhilarating.

Everything you need is just a few minutes’ walk away, so you can unpack your bags and never set foot in a car until the day you leave.

Things to see and do at Kings Beach (especially for the kids) include rock-hopping the shoreline, the famous local water playground and fountain, the oceanfront sea salt swimming pool and of course the lazy, sandy beaches, well-protected swimming areas and rock pools. The grassy park area at Kings Beach is perfect for ball games and frisbee, and the rocky shoreline is wonderful for snorkelling, while the more adventurous might go for jet skiing or even tandem parachuting. There are fantastic restaurants offering alfresco dining across from the beach.

Kings Beach Ocean Pool

Kings Beach Ocean Pool

Kings Beach accommodation is mostly beachfront apartments with self-contained rooms overlooking the bay. There are several spectacular resorts with luxury rooms and facilities such as spas, pools, and gymnasiums. With views overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the shipping channel, you can enjoy watching the sunset over every magical day.

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