Escape to our sub-tropical backyard for your next adventure on two wheels; a true bush to beach mountain biking destination. Find your flow on our heavenly trails in the morning and kick back with your bare feet on the warm sand in the afternoon. Challenge yourself on rooty, techy terrain surrounded by jungle like rainforest and the calls of black cockatoos; kookaburras and whipbirds; or cruise around our beautiful green, beginners trails amidst dense ferny groves and towering gums.

With trail networks spread across the Sunshine Coast, and all within easy reach from the beach and major towns (not to mention, many on the doorstep of local craft breweries and cafes), you’ll find the region a super easy place to visit, explore and experience our five top picks when it comes to mountain bike parks and forest trails.

From clean and easy “green” beginner trails like Ferny Forest to steep drops, gap jumps and rock gardens you’ll need maximum focus for - our local trail networks offer a playground of riding experiences. If you love wooden features and ramps, head to Sugar Bag Road. Or perhaps fun flow trails, tight turns and ripping berms are more your style? Then check out Tewantin National Park, just on Noosa's doorstep. Want to feel deep in nature and still ride full send? Parklands Conservation Park is your place. More keen to keep rubber side up, pack a picnic and adventure on an open fire trail, high above the beach? The serenity and crisp, fresh air of Mapleton National Park in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland is waiting for you.

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The love is high on the Sunshine Coast trails so get ready to rub shoulders with a keen and friendly local bike community. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaging in cheeky trailhead bike banter while you pump up your tyres, lube your chain, clip up your helmet and get yourself set to launch into an epic mountain bike adventure.

It’s time to ride the five.