Connecting the stories of Country and Coast

It’s time to settle in for a voyage that celebrates the threads of our local indigenous culture and the sea. Here, the doors (or hatch) open out onto the sparkling waters of Mooloolaba.

Just like all operators in Queensland’s Sunshine Pantry, Saltwater Eco Tours lays its foundations on Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country. You’ll hop aboard their lovingly restored, heritage-listed vessel ‘Spray of the Coral Coast’, to enjoy a taste of stories that connect coast and culture.

“Sustainability is thinking of how we used to do things. It’s understanding the old ways of our ancestors who foraged and hunted for certain foods. It’s protecting our waterways and implementing seasonal foods into our menus.”

- Simon Thornalley, Owner of Saltwater Eco Tours

Salwater Eco Tours

Salwater Eco Tours

Dine on modern sea bush tucker

Food is a staple of the Saltwater Eco Tour experience and for serious foodies, the Bushtucker Tour is for you.

You’ll enjoy a range of mouthwatering masterpieces including succulent Mooloolaba prawns, spanner crab or scallop ceviche - all fresh off the local trawlers from the morning’s catch.

Toast the glistening waters with a cocktail curated by the onboard mixologists – crafted using locally-made spirits with hits of quirky bush-tucker flavours and botanicals such as lemon myrtle.

Fresh oysters onboard Saltwater Eco Tours

Fresh oysters onboard Saltwater Eco Tours

Establish a deeper connection to Indigenous culture and the ocean

Saltwater Eco Tours offers a unique way to connect to Country like never before. Glide along Mooloolaba’s canals while listening to fascinating stories told by Traditional Owner Aunty Bridgette Chilli, adding greater depth to your appreciation of our ancient land and cultures.

As the dolphins and turtles flit beneath the water beyond, learn the importance of the seasons and the way nature speaks to us in its own, beautiful language.

Simon Thornalley, Owner of Saltwater Eco Tours

Simon Thornalley, Owner of Saltwater Eco Tours

Hello, this is your captain speaking

With ancestral roots of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, Managing Director and Captain of ‘The Spray of the Coral Coast’, Simon Thornalley hails from a family of seafarers - making Saltwater Eco Tours a fitting tribute to Simon’s ancestors.

Simon’s cultural pride guides his sense of responsibility towards being a custodian of the waters and our diverse local environment. His vision is to create a unique visitor experience that inspires a deeper connection to Indigenous culture and the ocean.

As a guest of Saltwater Eco Tours, you’ll be gifted with a deeply cultural and locally-inspired tasting experience on the Mooloolaba waterways – the place traditional owners have called home for thousands of years.

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