Ginar Australia


Sat Mar 04 2023



In a rare production that encompasses the the way we are, Ginar Australia invites you to take a break from contemporary theatre and expressive indigenous dance and feel the natural wash of tribal music and powerful body movements, as they do them back home. They invite you to know them in their natural lifestyle setting, where voluminous song and dance is icing on the cake for the depth of our feeling. Whether a large community at the local hall, a few relatives under the shed at home, or a full troupe in the grandest of theatres, we deliver the warrior movements with equal gusto and belt out tunes to thrill and to welcome. There is a modern life that hovers between Kriol and tribal, which Ginar Australia brings to you as a showcase mosaic of cultural and historical styling of this tropical region. Discover the music, history and culture which pays homage to the land and sea from the top of Australia to the border of Papua New Guinea.