The Sunshine Coast is a mecca for the extreme sport enthusiast offerings thrill seekers many unique and unforgettable experiences.

Year round balmy temperatures ensure that this is a fantastic place for those people who just love adrenaline filled adventures! With golden beaches, a vast blue ocean and a rich green national park there are thousands of thrilling adventures waiting to be discovered.  Here are just a few:- 

Swim with sharks 

With the vast, unspoilt blue sea and unique ecology of the Australian there is no better place to explore the ocean and learn about life under the sea. Sea Life Sunshine Coast is the perfect place for an undersea adventures with an array of experiences that cater to all members of the family.  The little ones can enjoy hands on fun for the kids at the tidal touch pool while you don a wetsuit for an extreme shark dive for fin-to-face encounters with sharks, turtles, and stingrays.


Kite surfing is one of the quickest growing extreme sports, as it is easy to learn, safe, and cheap! You do not need to be physically strong to enjoy kite surfing  - it's the perfect gate-way into the world of extreme sports.  Book your kite-surfing lessons with Epic Ocean Adventures or Kitethrills and you’ll be a master of the ocean in no time. 

Jet boat adventures

The waves of the Sunshine Coast's open ocean make jet-boating here an exhilarating experience that will leave even the most experienced of thrill seekers on the edge of their seats! Send your heartbeat racing with a tour on a Caloundra Jet Boat , Noosa Thriller or Sunshine Coast Afloat and experience high speed manoeuvres like the figure eight, duck tails, surfing, wave-dives and jumps.


Noosa Thriller.

Rock climbing

The Sunshine Coast not only offers an amazing golden beaches, but is also home to Glass House Mountains that offer an amazing array of climbs for experienced and novice climbers. Climbing these mountains will not only provide you with a challenge, but a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. For less experienced climber head to Grab Rock and they'll help sort out your climbing adventure!


And once you climbed to top of the mountain, seen the amazing view – abseiling is the perfect way down. Fast, and thrilling shot of adrenaline after the short break at the top. Pinnacle Sports offers an array of mountain climbs and abseiling tours around the Glasshouse mountains for you to enjoy.


Pinnacle Adventures.

Jetpack flyboard adventures

The Sunshine Coast provides the adrenaline junkie with lots of ways to enjoy a water jet pack.  Companies like Jet Pack Adventures have three exciting ways for you to propel yourself through the air using streams of high-powered water to simulate the feeling of flying.  There is the traditional jet-pack mounted on your back, a fly-board is which is like surfing through the air, or an air-bike - it's a great idea for a group activity. 


Jet Pack Adventures.

Biking tours

Around the Sunshine Coast there are extensive motor biking tour routes that will allow you to experience the untamed wilds of the Australian outback, one of the world’s most unique environments, as well as the culture of urban Australia.  These tours let you discover some of the most unique things that the Sunshine Coast has to offer, by taking you off the beaten track. Aussie Biker has some great itineraries and will also hire you a motorbike.


Aussie Biker.

Jet ski thrills

Jet skis allows a fast, fun way for you to explore the Sunshine Coast. Pumicestone Passage is brimming with wildlife so expect to encounter dolphins, dugongs, and turtles as well as a vast array of wading birds.  You can even book water based safari through hire operators such as Caloundra Jet Ski who will give you guided tours of all the interesting wildlife that the coastline has to offer in their natural environments. 

Caloundra Jet skis

Caloundra Jet skis

Caloundra Jet Ski

Sky diving 

The warm weather of the Sunshine Coast makes it the ideal location for extreme sports and there's nowhere better to enjoy jumping out of a plane! Sky-diving will give you a fantastic view of the coast line. Once experienced, it is hard to forget the sight of the sprawling blue ocean, the curving golden beach and the snaking blue rivers stretching into the verdant green landscape.
Book your sky diving experience with Sunshine Coast Skydivers, Skydive Fraser or Skydive Noosa!

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