Cheap family fun: How to do Aussie World in a day

Cheap family fun: How to do Aussie World in a day

It was a powerful moment in parental history when Amy Mitchell (from Bad Moms) took to the stage (ahem, coffee table) and proclaimed that “kids need a break too… they don’t even have time to be kids anymore!

Cheap family fun: How to do Aussie World in a day

And it’s true. If you think that the vicious cycle of school drop-offs/pick-ups, extra-curricular activities, weekend sport and homework is taking a toll on you, just imagine how it’s affecting your kids?

Yes, you’ve promised them a trip to the Gold Coast theme parks next school holiday, but that’s so far away and your kids are burning out NOW.

Enter Aussie World. The perfect weekend escape for busy families who want to have fun without spending big dollars to do so.

Aussie World is about a 1.5hr drive north from Brisbane and is nestled in the Sunshine Coast suburb of Palmview. From a giant slide to water rides and even a mini golf course, this slice of family fun has been the north-side’s best-kept secret for long enough. We’re blowing the lid off this treasure chest and showing you exactly how your family can get the most out of a day at Aussie World.

So, ditch soccer this Saturday and treat the kids to some real fun!


Aussie World little toot toot

At Aussie World, kids under three years of age are free and families of 5 can score a day pass online for just $167. A single day pass for either an adult or child is only $38 online. So, if your kids want to bring their friends, it won’t break the bank.

And, because every family has a mixture of age groups, interests and fear thresholds, we’ve made sure that this guide has a little something for both big and little kids. There’s also a park map at the end of this post and a whistle to attract attention (just kidding about the whistle).

Psst! If you have tiny tots in tow, save your outing for the first Tuesday of the month. It’s a special day when Aussie World shuts down the rest of the park leaving only the little rides and carousels. Tickets are just $12 online (or $15 at the gate) for both adults and kids over three. Plus, you’ll get a complimentary coffee on entry.

Also, if you take really good pics of your family having the time of their lives, you can share it on your social channels because there’s free WiFi throughout the park. Don’t forget to tag #aussieworldfun #visitsunshinecoast #thisisqueensland.


Photo by @shannbamz

Big Kids: From the entry gate take a left at The Shed and head to the Platypus Ponds Mini Golf where there’s no ifs, no buts just putt putt. Let your competitiveness come to life and challenge your family to a round of mini golf. Once you’ve conquered the course and have declared a winner, race off to the Dodgem cars next to the Giant Slide for a little dose of adrenalin.

Little Kids: As soon as you enter the park you’ll spot the musical Carousel, Giggle Go Round and Tin Lids Tea Party ride. Conveniently located side-by-side, your little one can choose their favourite or ride all three as many times as they like. This is a nice way to ease into Aussie World and all that’s on offer.


Aussie World leaknlogs

Big kids: Bring your swimsuits and a towel because when the sun heats up, you can cool off on The Plunge. Picture this, you’re sitting in a hollowed-out log climbing upwards into a dark cabin and then suddenly, woosh, you’re plunging down a waterslide at great speed causing a huge splash.

Psst! If you’re a bystander, stay back or you will get wet too!

Little kids: To cool off, head straight to Leak’n Logs. With spraying water and a huge bucket ready to overflow at any minute, they’re bound to have a soaking-good time.


Unlike other theme parks, Aussie World is unique when it comes to dining. There’s the Pub where you can escape the sun and enjoy a hearty meal with an entree, main and dessert. Plus, kids eat free on Fridays. Then there’s the Fun Café where you can get a huge hot dog, burgers and ice cream. And, if you to venture into the Aussie World Village, you can pick up a healthy sub and some handmade sweets.


Photo by Aussie World via FB

Big Kids: Alright kiddo, time to face your fears (if you dare). New to Aussie World is the Mayhem Maze, a daunting abandoned warehouse where nothing but terror awaits. If you can make it through the maze without running, you’ll be crowned a fearless warrior. Not many are brave enough to enter because as the story goes, the warehouse is the hideout of a spooky clown responsible for the disappearance of countless people back in the 1950’s. The Mayhem Maze is open on weekdays from 1:45pm or on weekends from 12:15pm and you must be over 12yrs old to enter.

Little kids: On your marks. get set. go! Let your kids race down the Giant Slide and watch how fast they get to the bottom, get up and then run back for another slide. It’s a cycle of continuous laughter and you’ll watch as pure joy shines from their tiny faces. Once they’ve had enough of the Giant Slide, move onto the Mozzie Musta around the corner. It’s just as much fun.


Aussie World redback

Big Kids: If the Mayhem Maze wasn’t enough to get your heart pumping, jump on the Redback and hold on tight. This ride reaches a height of 13 metres and rotates clockwise and anticlockwise as it swings back and forth.

And, because Aussie World is renowned for having shorter cues, don’t be surprised if you can sneak a second ride.

Little kids: If your little ones love trains, then they’ll love the Little Beaut Toot Toot. And on this train, they’re the conductor and you’re their passenger. Don’t forget to take heaps of pics as you journey around Tootle Town together in your carriage.


Photo by Aussie World via FB

Big and little kids: Professor Bogglesworth’s Illusionarium is an attraction that the whole family will enjoy. Located in the centre of the park, you’ll walk through the weird and wonderful rooms that make up a multiverse of illusions and possibilities. And to get back to reality, you’ll need to find the code to escape.


Photo by Aussie World via FB

Big kids: Head towards the back of Aussie World and you’ll find one of its newest additions; The Wasp. This thrill-ride lets you control your cart with a joystick, while it flings you around and around.

Little kids: The tallest ride in the park is a 1960’s carnival-style Ferris Wheel and it’s an absolute treat for little kids who are fascinated with seeing things from up high. And, the best part for parents is that you get to take a break from all that walking.


Photo by Aussie World via FB

Big Kids: Often overlooked by patrons is the Space Shaker Swinging Ship. But don’t be fooled, this ride packs a punch and will give you a thrill. As it swings to and fro you’ll feel it in your stomach and the weightlessness will take over. Here’s a little tip; keep your hands up, it makes the ride even better.

Little kids: You can’t leave Aussie World without riding the Bug Run rollercoaster. Set in a fantasy garden, this ride cruises around giant leaves, mushrooms and other leafy bugs. After watching the big kids ride the Redback, your little one will love this rollercoaster because it’ll make them feel like a big kid too.


Aussie World side show alley

Big and little kids: Just like a real carnival, Aussie World has a Side Show Alley, plus a gaming section called Phileas’ Fun Worx. These are at an additional cost, so if you’re planning on visiting, be sure to get the kids doing chores around the house for pocket money.

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Originally published on the Queensland Blog – the official travel blog of Queensland Australia, by Kantesha Takai