Exploring Coolum: beaches and beyond

Sunrise at Mount Coolum

But there's so much more to explore. We’ve rounded up some of the best things to see and do in Coolum. From taking a hike to the top of Mount Coolum to teeing off at some of the Sunshine Coast's best golf courses, get ready for some fun and adventure! 

Catch the breeze at the top of Mount Coolum

Mount Coolum stand outs on the coastline like a cork sticking out of a wine bottle with its unusual dome shape making it visible from most parts of the coast.  

Pace yourself as you head up the first half of what is one of Australia’s largest rocks via steep stairs winding through dense bushy shrub, before emerging at a natural rocky amphitheatre about halfway up. Here you can catch your breath, chat with the other out-of-breath hikers and take in panoramic views of the expansive coastline below.   

Allow at least two hours all up so you can take time to wander around at the peak and soak in the view from different sides before you head back down. Tip: Sturdy shoes and a water bottle are a must.

Push your limits at Blast Aqua Park   

Ready, set, jump! Get your adrenalin pumping and see how far you can challenge yourself at Blast Aqua Park.

With its massive inflatable obstacle course of slides, blast bags, trampolines, swings, balance beams and more, grab your mates for hours of fun jumping, climbing, and wobbling your way to victory and avoiding total wipe out. Refuel easily at the onsite café or picnic areas. 

Soar across the water at Oz Ski Resort

If flying across the water is more your thing, head to Oz Ski Resort on the same property as Blast Aqua Park. 

Here you can learn how to water ski, fly high jumping waves on a wakeboard or laugh till your belly hurts with all the family on a banana boat or tube ride. 

Meander the boardwalks and hidden bays of Coolum

Mt Coolum boardwalk

Mt Coolum boardwalk

Coolum is home to the coast’s most rugged coastline, with a series of secret bays, rockpools and boardwalks to headlands where you can fully take in the drama of this unique area.

For a cruisy day out, start at Coolum Surf Club and stroll northward along the wide Coolum Boardwalk hugging the coastline to Point Perry, a rocky headland that marks the southern boundary of Coolum Beach. Or go south toward Point Arkwright and capture the breathtaking views. 

On your way back take a little detour via the many deep rockpools on the shoreline and see if you can spot any tropical fish or starfish! 

Glide along the waves at a surf lesson

Learn to surf at Coolum Beach

Learn to surf at Coolum Beach

Get that stoked feeling as you zoom along your very first wave in the shallow waters like the king of the world! 

Maybe surfing is that thing you’ve always ‘meant to try’ or you’re just feeing rusty and want some pointers. Whatever stage you’re at, group lessons with Coolum Surf School are heaps of fun and cover all the bases. 

When you’re out on the waves with your classmates, the camaraderie is next level and you’ll be cheering each other on as you each wobble your way from crouching stance to balancing like a pro and laughing at all the stacks in between.  

Tee off at these scenic golf courses

Maroochy River Golf Club, Bli Bli

Maroochy River Golf Club, Bli Bli

How many golf courses are nestled at the base of a 25-million-year-old monolith? At Mount Coolum Golf Club you can immerse yourself in the game while taking in the phenomenal natural surroundings with abundant birdlife and unique eucalypt forests.  

At Twin Waters Golf Club your game will be tested on this challenging 18-hole course set against the backdrop of  Twin Waters Resort and the beach. Find your inner calm restored here among undulating hills and a course which oozes tranquillity. Recognised as one of the top six courses in Australia, Twin Waters Golf Club is not to be missed.  

There’s only one way to describe Maroochy River Golf Club and that’s ‘vast’. From a fun-filled mini golf course to an 18-hole full game with water obstacles at every turn, there’s plenty of options for you and your mates to let loose on the green. 

Let the spaciousness guide your day out on the course with mates before retiring to the modern and fully equipped bar and bistro. With Mount Coolum in the distance, a frothy in your hand and the sun setting, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Take your four-legged friend to Stumers Creek

Beach walks with four legged friends

Beach walks with four legged friends

Let your dog run free and frolic around the shallow waters of Stumers Creek, a beautiful short walk at the northern end of Coolum, just past Coolum Beach Hotel.  

Stumers Creek is a short loop incorporating a park, one of the best beaches in Queensland and a shallow creek mouth ideal for human and dog paddling alike. 

To get there, take an easy stroll among pandanus and coastal banksias alongside Norrie Job Park and follow the trail out to the beach and back to Stumers Creek. 

Dogs can be let off the leash here to race around, sniff like crazy and run amok with the other fur babies. If you’re lucky there could be some black cockatoos or even some illusive white storks to spot too.

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