The best Sunshine Coast fishing adventures

From the coast and river inlets, to the lakes of the Hinterland, sit back while we reel them off.

Bells Creek, Caloundra

A shallow sand bar here lets you wade out and cast into the deeper water of Pumicestone Passage to try and catch bream and flathead from the shore.

During winter the passage between Bells Creek and Caloundra Bar is one of south-east Queensland’s principal spawning areas for yellowfin bream.

Fishing from the beach

Fishing from the beach

Golden Beach, Caloundra

You can cast right from the boardwalk into the ocean here and try to catch whiting or bream, making it a great spot for kids to have a go.

Stumers Creek, Coolum

Early morning or late afternoon are the ideal times to look for mangrove jacks as they feed around fallen trees and you should also find mulloway in the waters of this Coolum creek.

Mary River, Kenilworth

You can expect to catch everything from bass, saratoga, sooty grunter, cod and even the dreaded catfish in the Mary River.  The big attraction here is the wild bass fishing available in the upper freshwater reaches of the river.

Maroochy River, Maroochydore

The Maroochy River is a very large yet shallow system which is peppered with deep holes perfect for some spirited on-shore fishing. The river is home to a wide variety of fish including flathead, cod, mulloway, sand whiting, tailor, bass and maybe even some mangrove jack.

Beach fishing

Beach fishing

Noosa River, Noosa

With clear water almost year-round, the Noosa River offers great estuary fishing and is renowned for its populations of trevally, Mangrove Jack and bass.

There are plenty of different opportunities for land, boat and kayak anglers along the Noosa River, or you could head up to Noosa National park headlands for some rock fishing.

Ewen Maddock Dam, Landsborough

The dam is home to native and stocked fish, including yellow belly, Mary River cod, saratoga, Australian bass, tandans and spangled perch.

Baroon Pocket Dam, North Maleny

Baroon Pocket Dam - also known as Lake Baroon - is stocked with bass, golden perch and the endangered Mary River cod. It is important to note that the taking of Mary River cod is totally prohibited both in Baroon Pocket Dam (Lake Baroon) and in Obi Obi Creek, Obi Obi Gorge.

Offshore fishing

The blend of tropical and subtropical waters produces an exciting variety of species. Favourite reef fish include snapper, pearl perch, maori cod and tusk fish.

A professional fishing charter will allow you to experience the best of the Sunshine Coast fishing grounds for the catch of a lifetime. There are experienced companies ready to pass on their local knowledge from Sunshine Coast Afloat in Mooloolaba all the way up to Noosa Fishing and Crab Adventures.

Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing

Permits and regulations

In Queensland, you don’t need a licence in the saltwater to go fishing, but if you are heading out to the impoundments like Lake Borumba and some of the other freshwater spots you will need a Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) permit to fish with a line, so be sure to check before your trip and happy fishing!