Outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast

Outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast

Get back to nature on a Sunshine Coast camping trip. Enjoy stunning mountain views, magnificent seascapes and plenty of opportunities to sink your toes into the golden sands.

Outdoor adventures on the Sunshine Coast

Carlo Sand blow hero

The Sunshine Coast is an adventure playground with striking natural wonders including the Glass House Mountains, Carlo Sand Blow, the coloured sands and Double Island Point. 

Photo: Reichlyn Photography

Leave nothing but footprints (and in this case, tyre prints!), take nothing but photographs. Double Island Point is a great place to sink your feet into nature. Access this sandy wonderland by 4WD along the beach on a tour or self-drive, which is an adventure in itself! 4WD hire is available from Noosa or Rainbow Beach, with day or multi-day tours departing from across the Sunshine Coast, and even Brisbane.

Photo: Reichlyn Photography with Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping.

It wouldn't be a camping trip without stargazing. Inskip Point in Gympie is a popular spot for campers, with water on both sides, perfect for sunrise, sunset and watching the night skies, of course! With more than 300 days of sunshine each year, the Sunshine Coast is primed to enjoy some of Australia's best stargazing, too.

King of the world! Snap Air at Carlo Sandblow in Gympie.

Rise and glow at Carlo Sandblow! With expansive views of Double Island Point and Fraser Island this ancient moonscape is not to be missed on the Great Beach Drive from Noosa

The Glass House Mountains, part of any journey to the Sunshine Coast. Photo: SnapAir.

Active volcanoes some 25 million years ago, the 11 peaks that rise abruptly from the coastal plain are today called the Glass House Mountains. This astonishing natural wonder is the start of any drive journey to the Sunshine Coast, less than an hour from Brisbane. Bushwalking, climbing and nature-in-spades reign supreme when exploring the Glass House Mountains. Don't miss Australia Zoo or stopping at a roadside stall for some local produce, either!

A bird’s eye view of sunset at Inskip Point before camping right here in a pre-set up camp with Rainbow Beach Ultimate Camping. They have your camp all set up and waiting for you, all you need to do is arrive! Inskip Point is the southernmost access to Fraser Island - that's it just in the top right of the pic.

The Red Canyon. Photo: SnapAir. 

The Red Canyon is the first stop on the Great Beach Drive from Noosa. Red sand meets white here where the cliffs have eroded to form a jaw-dropping landscape juxtapositioned against the coast. 

Cast your line at Inskip Point. Photo: Reichlyn Photography.

Chasing the light at Inskip Point where nature’s free show airs nightly between 5-6pm. Pastel colours are the main highlight, with views of Fraser Island, Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach in various directions.

Each sunset has its own kind of magic. Photo: Reichlyn Photography.

The sun playing peek-a-boo through the rocks at Carlo Sandblow. No sunrise or sunset is the same as the wind plays with the sand dunes and moulds them into different shapes and patterns. The delightfully cruisy and laid-back town of Rainbow Beach is only a short stroll away, with a diverse range of accommodation, touring and food options available.

Whether you’re travelling with a family or as a couple, getting back to nature on the Sunshine Coast will leave you refreshed and with memories that will last a lifetime. ​Find out more about the amazing outdoor aventures available in Gympie and the Glass House Mountains.

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