Coolum’s 5 best sunrise and sunset spots

With a place as picturesque as Coolum, there is no shortage of spectacular vantage points to watch the sun rise and set.

Coolum’s 5 best sunrise and sunset spots

We have picked out our top 5 spots in the area for experiencing those dreamy hues.

1. Mount Coolum

Early morning is one of the best times to climb Mt Coolum, before the heat of the day. If you start early enough, you can watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. It is magical as the light slowly starts to hit land.

Scramble over to the far side of the Mount Coolum lookout as the afternoon draws on, and you’ll have the privilege of witnessing the sun setting over panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast.

2. Mudjimba Beach

Hanging just off the coast, Old Woman Island is what makes sunrise at Mudjimba so special. The eastern-facing beach means that you get front-row seats to one of nature’s five-star shows every single day

Why watch an epic sunrise on land when you can soak it up on a surfboard? Zip into your wetsuit, grab a surfboard and head to Mudjimba Beach for a one-of-a-kind sunrise experience!

Fuel up for the rest of the day at High Tide with great coffee and food.

3. Tickle Park

Make sunset gazing a family affair with Fish & Chips down at Tickle Park. Located right on the beach, you will get that sunset glow as you relax and watch the kids enjoying the giant playground.

4. Coolum Boardwalk

This elevated boardwalk follows the ocean from Beach Road to Point Perry all the way to Point Arkwright but if you stop in the right spot, you will have perfect views of Mount Coolum off to the west.

This is the vantage spot to watch the sun disappear behind the volcanic rock and, if you are lucky, watch the sky turn pink and purple.

5. Marcoola Night Market

Every Friday night from 4pm, Marcoola becomes a beachside food market. east on burgers, Mexican, doughnuts, seafood, Japanese or Italian - the choice is yours.

With live music and the ocean as your soundtrack, watch the sun set to the west as the working week comes to a close.

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