On the Sunshine Coast, we care about our environment, from the sparkling coastline to the ancient peaks of the Glass House Mountains and verdant green rainforests. And more importantly, we care about preserving it for years to come.

It’s this commitment to living sustainably with nature that makes the Sunshine Coast so special. The Sunshine Coast is the only destination in Australia where three UNESCO Biosphere Reserves sit side-by-side.

Mount Ngungun, Glasshouse Mountains

Mount Ngungun, Glasshouse Mountains

The Sunshine Coast was declared a Biosphere by UNESCO in June 2022, joining the existing Noosa and Great Sandy Biosphere Reserves. Together they create a biosphere corridor that stretches uninterrupted along our slice of pristine Queensland coastline.

You can discover our nature haven on an eco tour that connects people to place, and go green in our leafy backyard on a guided trek or nature walk. Immerse yourself in the beauty of our region while learning about conservation, and sleep peacefully at night in accommodation where sustainability is a way of life.

Tread lightly on the Sunshine Coast with an eco escape and discover just what makes our region one of Australia’s most pristine natural wonders.

What is a biosphere?

🌎 A biosphere is an international site of excellence, recognised by UNESCO as an area of natural beauty where people live and work. Biospheres are places, just like our region, where active conservation sits alongside responsible development and people living sustainably.

What makes the Sunshine Coast so special?

☀️ The Sunshine Coast is the only place in Australia where three UNESCO Biosphere Reserves sit side-by-side: the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Great Sandy Biospheres

☀️ Together, the three biospheres form an uninterrupted biosphere corridor across the Sunshine Coast

☀️ The Sunshine Coast is home to some of Australia’s most pristine landscapes, including the ancient Glass House Mountains, the Noosa Everglades (which is one of only two Everglades systems in the world!) and the Great Beach Drive which connects Noosa with Rainbow Beach

☀️ There are several eco-certified tour operators and accommodation providers on the Sunshine Coast, Sunreef Mooloolaba, Saltwater Eco Tours, Kanu Kapers, Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat and Glasshouse Mountains Eco Lodge

Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

Love our blue and green backyard? We do too. That’s why we’ve made it easy to travel more sustainably and contribute to local reforestation projects. Join us to make a difference!

To get started, estimate your carbon footprint using the trip CO2 calculator and discover ways to make your trip more sustainable in partnership with our local tourism industry or check out the program dashboard to see the positive contributions our industry and visitors are making.

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Sunshine Coast Sustainability Program

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