Potter, pat and play in Nambour

Sunshine & Sons, Woombye

Nambour’s farming origins run deep here with the old sugar cane train lines still running proudly through the town like central veins, side-by-side with a booming café culture, arts precinct and quaint vintage stores.

As you head into Nambour, make sure you stop for a selfie at The Big Pineapple. This golden icon of the 80s looms large as a symbol of the town's past and is a great way to kick-off your time in this historic town. 

From the Big P, get up close and pat some furry friends at Wildlife HQ, soar through the rainforest canopy at the Treetop Challenge or wile away the day exploring vintage stores in town. Here we’ve rounded up what’s on offer.

Take a selfie at The Big Pineapple 

Selfie at The Big Pineapple 

Selfie at The Big Pineapple 

Opening in 1971, the Big Pineapple was one of Queensland’s first adventures into agricultural tourism and remains a heritage listed tourist attraction today. 

80s kids who visited here will have fond memories of the little green train taking people around the property and showcasing tropical produce, including fruit, nuts, and sugarcane.

But it’s the iconic massive pineapple on the landscape that still draws visitors in today. Stop in and grab a selfie with this classic Queensland icon before heading to town.

Take on the Treetrop Challenge

 TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast, Woombye

TreeTop Challenge Sunshine Coast, Woombye

Transform your fears into cheers and get your adrenaline going big time at the Treetop Challenge, which forms part of the Big Pineapple experience. 

Make your way around the 10-acre adventure park with 120 epic challenges, suspended among a stunning subtropical rainforest. Here, you’ll find yourself up to 30m up on the highest of course but don’t worry, there’s six easier levels to master before you get there! 

Take in unparalleled tree top views from the canopy as you brace yourself for your next hairy steps forward through high ropes games, gliding along 12 ziplines and other obstacles.

Make new friends at Wildlife HQZoo

Wildlife HQ (at the Big Pineapple), Woombye

Wildlife HQ (at the Big Pineapple), Woombye

From hilarious meerkats bobbing up and down, to elusive native dingos, iconic kangaroos, and strange lizards that look like aliens, Wildlife HQ is home to them all and then some. 

With a deep ethos of conservation driving the Zoo, here you can get up close with animal feeding encounters learning the habits of quirky characters like Binturongs, the rare Red Panda and a Ringtail Lemur. 

You could spend hours roving the lush tropical rainforest surrounds, learning about the diverse array of animals who call the zoo home. Don’t forget to pack your camera and hold onto it.

Go gin and rum tasting at Sunshine and Sons

Sunshine & Sons Distillery

Sunshine & Sons Distillery

Just a short way from the Big Pineapple, Sunshine and Sons brings bespoke distilled delicacies to life, just waiting for you to try them!

With original dry gin and vodka, and various small batch distillery goodness, their pride and joy is Australia's first organic certified molasses rum, Nil Desperandum 'FIRST'.

Whether it’s a swig of the Nil Despo. or a Pineapple Parfait Gin, there’s plenty to learn and savour as you tour their massive, handmade Tasmanian copper artisan stills which were meticulously designed to create the stunning and complex flavour profiles you’ll unearth here. It’s mega!

Tip: Grab a bottle of Sunshine and Son’s Small Batch Barrel Aged Gin which won Australia's Best aged gin in 2021, topping a long list of Australian mature and aged gins.

Get creative in The Pottery Studio

A peaceful place to slow down, discover (or rediscover!) your creative side and see what evolves, The Pottery Studio encourages visitors to enjoy the process of pottery making without getting hung up on the result. 

Here, you can have a go at making a vase, a sculpture or something abstract, plus gain all the therapeutic benefits that come with having your hands covered in clay.  

With hand building workshops, wheel throwing, glazing sessions and workshops for kids, there’s heaps to participate in while you make new friends along the way. Get ready to get messy!

Get inspired at the Queensland Garden Expo

Stilt walkers at the Queensland Garden Expo, Nambour

Stilt walkers at the Queensland Garden Expo, Nambour

The Queensland Garden Expo held in July is Queensland’s major gardening event, attracting visitors from all over Australia to sleepy Nambour town. 

This three-day expo also attracts some of Australia’s leading gardening experts offering lectures, demonstrations, and workshops no amount of YouTube clips could replicate. 

Be awed by the floral design competition, try not to blow the budget in the many plant nurseries and get inspiration from the landscape garden displays. 

This event is vast. Be prepared to go home CHOCKA BLOCK with ideas, gadgets, plants and plans after visiting this expo. 

Nab some bargains vintage shopping

With a thriving retro and vintage scene, enjoy making new discoveries as you explore Nambour’s dedicated Vintage and Retro Trail of 22 collectable stores, op shops, cafes, curiosities, craft brewers and retro fashion. 

Lose yourself in the vast dungeon of Nambour Book Exchange, scour Lifeline or Vinnies for some hidden bargains, refuel at delightful Husk and Honey on Queen Street before finding a rare relic in nearby Arsenic and Love Letters filled with collectibles and curiosities. 

The Trail is a perfect way to unearth rare, original pieces and treasures from times past.

Visit the historic Woombye Pub

Sturdy and proud, Woombye Pub’s classic old Queenslander has been keeping locals and visitors well fed and watered since 1900. 

Go here for some old school charm, a decent tap beer and a yarn with some farmers at the bar about the way things used to be. 

Serving local produce with pub classics like burgers and chips, steaks and schnitties (schnitzels), you won’t go hungry here and there’s plenty to learn about what life was like in Woombye and why the pub opened.

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